This last couple of weeks has been particularly rough, and now more than I ever I am glad that I have this blog, the inner dialogue that facilitates it and that I have someone like José in my life that will listen to me no matter what (even when he doesn't really get what I'm... Continue Reading →

Recently I have been helping a friend of mine go through a break-up.  Him and his boyfriend had been together for a little over a year and their relationship was one of extremes.  This culminated in a police escort last Saturday for the one that is not my friend to get his things and move... Continue Reading →

A couple weekends ago José and I were in Amsterdam and being the socially adept people that we are we were chatting to a guy that we met and he asked how long José and I had been together.  When I replied to say "...just under two years...", he seemed genuinely shocked that we still... Continue Reading →

So yesterday Jose and I really talked things through (I didn't even watch Game of Thrones - but I wont pull at that thread right now!) and it really was helpful, and also positive... we seem more able to move forward now. Naturally there were a few bumps along the way but all in all... Continue Reading →

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