As toilets in bars go, I like the ones in All Bar One on Houndsditch in London.  It’s close to the office and has the perfectly proportioned tables that bars in this part of the city often have…  allowing tipsy lunch time office workers to wag their tongues with abandon, freeing themselves from their corporate... Continue Reading →

The inspiration for todays post is somewhat offbeat, albeit characteristic with my nature.  Yesterday Jose and I sat home and had a super lazy day because I am on Gardening Leave whilst waiting to start my new job and his Doggy Daycare hasn't gotten back into full swing after the holidays; we decided to watch,... Continue Reading →

This last couple of weeks has been particularly rough, and now more than I ever I am glad that I have this blog, the inner dialogue that facilitates it and that I have someone like José in my life that will listen to me no matter what (even when he doesn't really get what I'm... Continue Reading →

Recently I have been helping a friend of mine go through a break-up.  Him and his boyfriend had been together for a little over a year and their relationship was one of extremes.  This culminated in a police escort last Saturday for the one that is not my friend to get his things and move... Continue Reading →

A couple weekends ago José and I were in Amsterdam and being the socially adept people that we are we were chatting to a guy that we met and he asked how long José and I had been together.  When I replied to say "...just under two years...", he seemed genuinely shocked that we still... Continue Reading →

I've noticed something about myself in the last few months that is entirely new and quite disturbing - I've become a bystander. In a recent conversation; I reacted very strongly but also like a caged animal - as in, I wasn't able to be cogent about my reaction and therefore a little voice inside me... Continue Reading →

I've been on twitter for the last few nights watching all this crap unfold from the Republican Administration in the States (I refuse to refer to the POTUS by name and I refuse to allow him alone to be held responsible for what the fuck is going on) and whilst I'm seeing an outpouring of... Continue Reading →

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