What is this…

I think, some would probably say too much.

In fact, I would probably agree and sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. 
Like most people I’m busy all the time, what I’m noticing is that I’m spending so much time trying to live a life, have a life and be something or somebody that I’m missing the details – and the details is where I find real happiness – so I’m going to explore why I am sacrificing what truly makes me happy by committing to focus on them as I notice them.

I suspect that my three dogs; Chai, Latté & Lopez as well as my soon to be husband José will feature quite heavily…

Human behaviour REALLY interests, baffles and engages me – sometimes at ‘eyebrow raise’ level and often at ‘red mist descending’ level.

Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself

A wise person once taught me that feedback is a gift, I have never let go of that so I encourage anyone to engage, question, challenge and excite me – I do have two asks before engagement:

  • Should you quantify a response with ‘just because’, ‘I’m offended’ or ‘that’s just not right’ please don’t waste any of our time and think it through first… 
  • Always aim to come from a place of kindness

I am Jai.  Namaste. 

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