I’ve been on twitter for the last few nights watching all this crap unfold from the Republican Administration in the States (I refuse to refer to the POTUS by name and I refuse to allow him alone to be held responsible for what the fuck is going on) and whilst I’m seeing an outpouring of horror, despair and unity…  I am no longer buying this #LoveWins bollocks.

Change does not come from a Hashtag.

I’m not for one second suggesting that we should all be taking to the streets to start rioting for the sake of it but enough is enough.  We’ve come too fucking far and we’re too far gone to do this lets spread love, not hate crap.

Way back in 1838, there was the  Cherokee Indian Resistance to Forced Relocation, the Cherokees stood their ground and refused to move – ultimately, the U.S. troops destroyed the homes and property of the resisting Cherokees, forcing them to move west on a journey that would leave approximately 4,000 dead from disease and starvation.

Then again in 1930, something took place that all of us know about in England as it used to form part of our Primary Education Gandhi’s Salt March of 1930 where to avoid paying the British tax on salt, Gandhi decided to get his own salt. To do this, he walked 240 miles over the course of 24 days, joined by a growing number of followers.  Gandhi was jailed, lots of his followers were killed and took another two decades for independence to come!

in 1943 in Germany there was The White Rose Resistance where six chaps (rather valiantly) tried to undermine Nazi rule with leaflets and pamphlets – they were all beheaded and had no impact whatsoever.

Things moved on and ramped up a little in 2003 when up to ten million people across the world publicly protested against the US invasion of Iraq – despite the demonstrations, that were all relatively peaceful but more so that the ‘stand in or the ‘salt walk’, there are still troops in Iraq to this day!

That being said, there is not a place for mindless violence – it’s telling that in society, politics and life actions and reactions are a result of this ‘swing’ of the proverbial pendulum of popular opinion.  Obama wasn’t totally successful in ‘fixing’ America so people swung to Trump.  We’ve seen the same in the UK, Cameron was a frigging idiot and the UK kicked off and we ended up with the arsehole that is Theresa May.  There is a slight difference in that Trump was elected and May wasn’t but that’s a contentious issue on both sides.

It’s time for the swinging to stop, it’s time for things to come to a head, be pulled apart – I mean, it’s all fucked anyway so it’s time for a full gut out.

There was The Lusty Lady’s of San Francisco in 1997 where Strippers went on strike protesting outside the club and asking patrons not to enter unless the women were allowed to form a union.  They were successful and got their union.

Then there was the Applebee’s ‘Nurse-In’ of 2007 where a “Nurse-in” was scheduled — across the country, breastfeeding mothers would nurse their infants in plain view of Applebee’s.  Ultimately, Applebee’s put out a statement saying “This situation has provided an opportunity for us to work with our associates to ensure we’re making nursing mothers feel welcome….we will also accommodate other guests who would be more comfortable moving to another area of the restaurant.”

And in another bizarre example, there is the ‘Nuts of Jericho’, also in 2007.  To protest the cancelling of the show, 20 tons of nuts were sent to the CBS office, ultimately the show was signed for another season.

You see, my point is this…  us LOVING one another is not an inconvenience for the Republican Administration in America, nor the Conservative Government in the UK.  They don’t give a flying fuck that we love one another, as far as they are concerned we can all love ourselves into oblivion – and it seems we are stupid enough to go along with it all.

It’s akin to all that ‘Pray for….’ after a tragedy; yeah, because I’ve seen prayer fix loads of stuff.  I say this as a religious person that prays every day by the way, I pray for me, for my reasons and of my own choice to my own chosen religion.

We need to really inconvenience these people now, because we live in a world where convenience is our currency.  So no, Love isn’t winning.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that a hashtag and a party isn’t going to fix this ridiculous state of affairs.  Stonewall started a movement, a family and it wasn’t borne from a campaign – it was borne from one person deciding that enough was enough.

I think we are there again, people.  Where my brick at?

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