I’m a RuPauls Drag Race Season 1 die hard and I’m not even a tiny bit sorry about it!
Right from that crazy filtered season I was hooked (seriously, it was worse Sunset Beach a la Channel 5 in the 90’s) and I know exactly what it is that appeals to me so much – it’s the irreverence.  You know, if there’s anything that I can guarantee, I’ve always been the first one to go against the tide.  If someone says, “you can’t do that“, well I’m definitely going to do it, nobody puts baby in the corner, or a box.

I don’t like rules.  That being said, if I’m in a place without rules I freak out and I guess that really gets me thinking… I’m really not happy unless I’ve got something to moan about; sometimes big things and more often the most banal crap that really shouldn’t bother anyone in the least…  If I’ve got no time to spare I moan that I’ve got no control but then I go all out and I get control and then I moan that there’s no spontaneity in my life – ain’t that some shit.

Is this where we are in society right now? Have we become a faceless, noisy, pointless nation of entitled moaners?

It could also be why my mind rebels against fads, trends and the masses, it probably also explains my distaste at the pride flag campaign I wrote about in my identification with the gay community blog.

So often after a day at work I need an escape and I usually find that in the world of YouTube and of all the spin offs from Drag Race my favourite escape  is the one provided at the intersection of Willam Belli and The Beatdown because, I mean, there isn’t a rule that Willam hasn’t broken – even his own god damn name is a rule breaker – if there was ever a person made and named for irreverent greatness, this is it.

CHEER UP; It ain’t that bad!

It seems that we are all so focussed on what we don’t have, could have, should have or in some cases what we used to have but we thought something else was better so we fought for that and then we realised that we want what we used to have after all.

Is anyone else as exhausted as me?

I watched a web series episode of Willam and Trixie Mattel a while back and there’s this line in it where Willam says to Trixie, “I think you are awesome.  I wasn’t surprised when you didn’t win, they can’t handle that” and it really resonated with me.

We fight and fight to find the tribe that we fit with because we have shared that same fight but then once we are in that pride, it just becomes the same fight in a smaller pool of opponents – Pageant Queens fighting Comedy Queens, Sales People fighting Account Managers, Recruiters fighting Talent Acquisition and the list goes on, endlessly.

Drag queens really play with the social construct of identity.  I have so much respect for the incredible knack that is putting yourself on a pedestal – the irony being that the pedestal is a scaffold built entirely out of the broken part of societal norms – it’s  a quietly wonderful metaphor for life, really.  Isn’t it fun to play with who you are?  I think so.

Everyone has a fucking opinion these days.  The armchair politicians whining about Brexit; then there’s the plastic activists that are the ‘put a black stripe on the rainbow flag army’ (I am still mortally offended by that whole thing by the way) and don’t even get me started on the religious crew – and I mean ANY religion – all way through to me, and this opinion.  That’s right, the irony is not lost on me.

It seems like such a good idea to just be a decent human, think what you like, wear what you like, be who you damn well like and as long as you are not physically hurting anybody else then you do you.  If people don’t ‘like’ the gays that’s just fine, as long as said people are not actively sending for the gays; likewise we don’t have to make everyone endorse us as gays, we are enough.  The rainbow flag is enough (I will stop banging on about that soon, maybe).

I guess this is what drag queens can teach us, the rules are a mirage – fuck them.  Not everyone is going to like everything that you do – and that’s fine – opinions are not dicks, so don’t ram them down people’s throats!

Watch the epic episode where Trixie paints Willam 

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  1. I really love your insight on non conformity and irreverence. I would like to hear your thoughts on RPDR moving to VH1. Is it trying to be so mainstream that it can’t break the rules anymore?


    1. You know… I’ve thought a lot about this. My immediate, initial and still quasi-true belief is that as a society we have a bit of a desire to stay on the fringe… it makes us have a reason to ‘fight’… gives us a collective cause and actually, it’s gives us a reason to be selectively inclusive. I don’t think RDR is ‘trying’ at all, in fact, I believe it has gathered such an audience and built up so much momentum that there is simply no way it can stay on the fringe any more! Does that mean it can’t break the rules anymore? Look, it just broke the biggest rule of all, it’s got men from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of identity issues on mainstream cable – that cannot be a bad thing, not in any way. The more people that see it, the better!

      Does it mean we can’t claim it as our own? Yes, it does and I am 100% here for that because we can’t carry on as a wider society being exclusively inclusive as it’s totally counter-productive.

      Is it as thrilling, am I as excited about it… truthfully, no. My personal opinion is that this is a result of us being at Season 9 coming into Season 10… aside from lighting the girls on fire, what more thrill can there be… human cerebral behaviour is ‘I like that, I want more’ and sooner or later ‘I don’t like it so much anymore’.

      Eat a kilo of your favourite food every Monday for 9 weeks and tell me if you still like that food as much on the 10th Monday…


      1. You are making some really good points. As a wheelchair user and mother of a special needs child, I really think that society needs a show where race, body image, beauty, and gender roles are obliterated. The effort and talent that the queens show is awesome. And of course, who can argue with the catchphrase “if you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell can you somebody else?” It is a little problematic that if this is someone’s first experience with drag then it can be shocking to see this kind of radical political incorrect style of entertainment. For example, the she mail controversy was blown out of proportion, in my opinion. My only issue with it being mainstream is that we now have to deal with young girls, who behave horribly online, as “fans”. It’s a t.v. show about catty drag queens. There is no reason to send death threats because their favorite contestant was eliminated, but it happens en mass.


      2. Yeah the fans are victims of this current social construct. This 140 characters or less, keyboard warrior, mentality. It’s sad.

        You know, I am tired of political correctness! Sick and tired of it. I despise exclusive inclusion.

        We are all carbon based life forms. End of story.


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